tiny home v2

So this began as shuttle #2, also known as the escape pod which was really supposed to be a dining room/en suite but it took on a life of its own and here it is. My first run that I'm happy with the bathroom and kitchen, but I drew in my current sofa (a queen sleeper) and it dominates the little space left.

I try again with a smaller but still roomy sofa and it works out.

This is a 24 ft trailer, and there would be a loft over the kitchen and over the bathroom. Separate closets for grownups and kids, toys in the ottoman, good sized pantry and utility closet space. I figure my son can sleep on the sofa and we can store my daughter's crib sized mattress under it during the day. By any realistic stretch she will be out of the crib by the time the tiny home is built. I like the side entrance to get away from the corridor effect. The entertainment center will have to be very functional, this is what I had in mind:

After looking at it, it won't actually work with full size appliances, but with more standard tiny home sized stuff it might work out. I don't have time for more drawings tonight, so until next time...

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