one step forward

After yesterday's creative aside I'm back to getting the saucer section right. Husband looked at it, and you remember that look I was talking about. Anytime "ladder" entered the equation he got that look. He much prefers the stairs we saw in the park models, steep - but functional. He likes the way they were sandwiched on either side in this model (and many others), but I don't think I can pull it off at this width.

I played around with this stair calculator and for our tiny home it is going to take about 6 linear feet to get up to the loft. That leaves only 18 inches for the landing, which in my world is 12 less than optimal and if it were side ways, well then you have a 9 inch landing at the bottom and top, uh huh sure.. So anyway, if we need stairs they are going to run the long way.

You'll notice my beloved pocket doors are gone. I'm pulling a page from the other pod(om) and simply plan to add in the doors when the shuttle is built. I will frame the rough opening such that there are no mechanicals in the way and it should be an easy weekend chore later.

The tiny bench/sofa/trundle kid sleeper has also gone and the bathroom has shrunk down to a less indulgent size. On the bathroom, it is my thought that the saucer is a functional space, not indulgent. a small tub is adequate for bathing the kids so we should only have a small tub. Likewise, if this is to be our home for the next few years, we need semi comfortable day space, i.e. the sofa.

The entertainment center is large.. but I feel like the tiny home is taking my previous bad habits with it, so that's going to get changed. I might go back to the bench too, what do you think? One important thing I learned from this one is that the roof pitch change has to happen before the loft, in order to allow adequate head space when the entrance is on the side instead of centrally located.

I'm also missing a porch. There is ample space for a swing in, if you don't see all the toys and kids all over the floor like I do. My solution, well also not my idea, but its such a great inspiration - a fold down deck.. easily bigger than the deck I had before. They also have a video tour of this home, which is where I had my realization about the head space issue. I would have caught it in the elevation mockup later, but better to think about it now.

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