saucer v3

Since my last post I have been hard at work to give David his stairs, and in so doing I also fixed the head space issue and moved back to the bench with trundle, and shrunk that entertainment center down to a less obscene size.

So by moving the stairs into the bathroom area, I will indeed lose space in the loft, but as long as my trusty graph paper can be believed, my queen sized mattress will fit in that nook, snug and cozy. As shown in the sketch of our elevation from a few weeks back, you can see we always planned to have a gentler roof pitch over the loft, so adequate head space in the upper half of the staircase is also solved. We lost a little closet space, but reason that a fair amount of  it will be made up under the stairs. We may even consider moving the staircase back into the main room by 3 treads or so in future layouts just to see the effect and to give the toilet area back some stolen elbow room.

Another change new to this plan over v2 is in the kitchen. It is no longer linear, with the dishwasher turned and a storage cabinet open to the dining area added for, well whatever ends up being needed.. probably shoes and bedding right off the top of my head.

Please don't ask about the table. Originally it was going to fold up like the picture frame table or a Murphy bed table, however they won't work for us.. Why? Because the only good place for windows on that whole wall is right there and I haven't figured it out yet. We will have to build something and I am still mulling over variables in my head. Not the least of which is more windows.. Otherwise this house will be a cave.

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