a private courtyard

One thing David and I have always loved the notion of are those enclosed private courtyards big homes. A private outdoor space, not achieved by a flimsy fence, but by the sturdy walls of one's home. So when I made my sketch of the saucer and shuttle combo I stated that I couldn't imagine needed more than three tiny homes, but I guess David can dream bigger when inspired.

Four. He wants four. The could interlock. It's mad genius really. With the right plantings and roof lines casual observers will truly not be able to tell that the house is tiny. He pointed out that our longest term plan is for three. The fourth could be independent even, say for my grandmother who has to retire one of these days.

Unless I become truly bored I'm not even going to try to figure out awesome layouts. This is his baby. But if he comes up with something I promise to share it.

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