incompatible dreams

So we have been going back and forth about the width of the home. After seeing the light in his eyes when he finally could conceive of our family making a tiny home work thanks to a tour of a park model home with loft and stairs I killed it. I didn't mean to, but well, I couldn't let him go on with a misapprehension that I know he was under. The ones we looked at were about 11 ft wide and 40 ft long. That's not a tiny home, it's a tiny McMansion.

His side is that if we have the land, we won't be moving it so might as well go wide and deal with moving permits if we ever have to go somewhere. If we have a trailer more than 30 ft long he would want a professional crew anyway as he just wouldn't feel comfortable doing it himself.

My side is both practical and nostalgic. Permits are not cheap and depending on where you go you may need several. Also, you lose the dream. The dream is freedom. I almost want to name the first tiny home Serenity, (if you haven't seen the space/western show Firefly it's worth looking up on Netflix). In a nutshell, he wants less than 30 ft long, I want only 8.5 ft wide. Stalemate. I can't fit my family in that, not for the long term.

Back to the drawing board.

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