I'm not sure what combination of media and such led to the epidemic of the survivalists who are sure something bad is coming and we need to get prepared. But even we have fallen prey over the last 8 or so years.. oftentimes it has become an opening line to some discussion or another, "when the world as we know it ends..." In short we really aren't ready. We have some skills, granted, but no infrastructure. Is it worse to know what you don't have or to be ignorant of the fact that you don't have it? Hmm.

I do have a point here somewhere.. I'll probably never reach prepper master of the seventh level status, but I do have that little voice in my head telling me that I need to get back to my roots, need to get back to the way I was brought up. Basically, I want a homestead again. I want the security (and uncertainty, I'm not that naive) of my own harvest. I want to live in time with the seasons again, live outdoors again. I want to break my cycle of dependence on the grocery store for food and the media for a way to pass time.

I think a tiny home will help me get to this goal. It has been said that "the house remodels man" - if that's true then we are definitely a fixer upper with solid potential. (PS. I haven't read Bachelard, but it stuck with me after reading it here)

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