the light in his eyes

Sappy title, but appropriate. My father-in-law has always had a soft spot for the freedom dream. He knew of a campground/trailer park about an hour away that sells park model homes. He didn't know what they were called so he was calling them trailers. I don't want a trailer I would reply, I want a home on wheels. Since we were having a communications breakdown and since it was a way to get out of the house we took a little road trip.

I had never heard of park models, much less seen inside of them. I was impressed particularly with the full sized kitchen. They still have that overall trailer vibe when they are fresh out of the plastic, but you'd only be a dozen or so DIY projects from making it more like a home. But the true win of the day was David and I sitting in the loft. He was excited. He could see our family living small.

Oprah calls it the Aha moment. He had his and I'm one step closer to my dream.

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